Georgia : "Chateau de Leuville" Repository Research and Classification (2013 october)

Source : "The National Parliamentary Library of Georgia".

From 27 September to 18 October, Levan Taktakishvili, Director of the National Library Resources Department and Natia Kobakhidze, Senior Specialist of the National Library Rare Collections Division, visited France within the framework of the project "Chateau de Leuville" Repository Research and Classification".

The project has been implemented by the Georgian Library Association and led by Stephen Jones, professor at Mount Holyoke College, with the partnership of the National Parliamentary Library of Georgia, Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia, Georgian Embassy to France, "Mount Holyoke College", "South Hadley", Civic society "Qartuli Kera" and Noe Jordania Institute.

Within the framework of the project has been arranged space for storing the books at "Chateau de Leuville" repository, and have been sorted out regarding Georgia and Caucasus, periodicals and books published abroad by Georgian emigrants and the First Georgian Republic (1920-1980). The books and journals have also been cleaned, sorted out, put on list and catalog and placed in the specially arranged building in the premises of "Chateau de Leuville", articles, books and photo materials of special interest have been digitalized.

"Qartuli Kera", Georgian Association in France Chateau de Leuville, donated books and periodicals that have not been held at the National Library Collection so far. Private archive of David Sagirashvili (father of Eter Sagirashvili) and books from Nutsa Takaishvili private collection have also been donated to the National Library.

Giorgi Mamulia, famous scientist living in France, handed to the National Library digital versions of periodicals, books and photos reflecting history of Georgian emigration. , The national Library expresses its gratitude for support to Iren Tsitsishvili, Qristine Pagava, "Qartuku Kera", Rusudan Asatiani, Georgian Library Association President, and Ekaterine Siradze-Delonay, the Ambassador of Georgia in France.

NB. Year after year, periodicals and books published abroad by Georgian emigrants were in bulk. From the 1990's to 2007 year, Karlo Inasaridse, in charge of the library at "Château de Leuville", spent a long time to sort and to classificate. After 2007, the library was closed