Colloque "Self proclaimed and de facto States. Political economy and relations with tutor powers"

Sciencies Po Paris, le CERI - CNRS, l'Institut français des Etudes anatoliennes (IFEA) et l'Agence nationale de la recherche (ANR) proposent un colloque

- “

Self proclaimed and de facto States. Political economy and relations with tutor powers


- le vendredi 26 février 2010 de 9 heures 15 à 18 heures,

- à Sciences Po, Salle de conférence, 56 rue Jacob, 75 006 - Paris,

- avec au programme

9 heures 15

: Welcome adress and introduction, Thorniké Gordadzé, IFEA, Bakou

9 heures 30 à 13 heures

: "

Self proclaimed de facto States.Political economy


. State buiding and Economic governance in Taiwan, Tak-Win Ngo, Leiden University,

. On the political economy of unrecognized state building projects. The cases of Transnistria and North Cyprus, Daria Iaschenko, Humboldt University, Berlin,

. Social and political dynamics of de facto State formation. The case of Somaliland, Markus Hoehne, Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology, Halle,

. The institutional consequences of Fatah-Hamas conflict and the functioning of the Palestinian autonomy, Jean-François Legrain, CNRS, Paris,

. Nagorniy Karabakh : building a State in the conditions of non recognition, Sergei Minassian, Caucasus Institute, Yerevan,

14 à 18 heures

: "

Self proclaimed entities and their tutor States


. Russia's policy towards Abkhazie and South Ossetia. Internal and external factors, Nikolaï Silaev, Moscow State Institute of International Relations,

. South Ossetia. Impossible State building, Thorniké Gordadzé, IFEA, Bakou,

. Turkish Cypriots. De facto State or sub-ordinate local authority of Turkey ?, Niyazi Kizilyürek, University of Nicosia,

. Paramilitarism in Colombia. A form of indirect government ?, Jacobo Grajales, CERI -Sciences Po Paris.




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